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The Berlin Lions Agricultural Fair INC.

Sponsored by BERLIN LIONS CLUB, INC. P.O. Box 451 Kensington, CT 06037 Phone: (860) 828-1389 FAX: (860) 828-1389

2019 Concessionaire Instructions & Regulations


Friday, Saturday, Sunday - September 13th, 14th & 15th, 2019


Gates open to the public as follows: Friday 9:00 a.m., Saturday 9:00 a.m. and Sunday 9:00 a.m. Concessions and midway will shut down by 10:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 7:00 p.m. on Sunday unless management decides otherwise. Concessions are expected to stay open during the above hours, and booths must be attended at all times during these hours. VEHICLES MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE FAIRGROUNDS 30 MINUTES BEFORE GATES ARE TO BE OPENED TO THE PUBLIC. NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED ONTO FAIRGROUNDS 45 MINUTES PRIOR TO OPENING.


  • Outside: $35.00/frontage foot (10' minimum and 5' increments)
  • Inside: $38.00/frontage foot (10' minimum and 5' increments)

Any space not reserved by a deposit of 25% by May 1, 2019 will be made available on a first-come basis. If you must park your truck in your space we must be informed ahead of time, and there may be an additional fee. Space will not be held after July 1, 2019 unless the entire rental fee has been received. There will be no refunds after August 1, 2019 under any circumstances. Vendors will not be mapped to a location until complete payment is received along with Insurance Certificate. Subletting of space is not allowed.


Basic rental fee includes 900 watts of electrical supply. If more is needed, please advise, as special arrangements must be made. Additional charge for electric may be applied depending on amount of electricity used or required. Electrical heaters are not allowed. Any electrical apparatus that is found by the Berlin Fair to be unsafe will be disconnected and closed down.


Concessionaire is responsible for providing evidence of insurance. A "Certificate of Insurance" IS REQUIRED and must be submitted with your signed application and deposit or with the balance of your contract fee by July 1, 2019. The certificate must provide a minimum limit of liability of $500,000 with the Berlin Lions Club and the Berlin Lions Agricultural Fair INC (430 Beckley Road, P.O. Box 451, Kensington, CT 06037) specifically listed as an additional insured for the length of time you set up, display and exhibit on the grounds. A minimum of 10 days notification of policy cancellation is required.


Unless otherwise exempt, you must have a valid sales tax number from the State of Connecticut, Dept. of Revenue Services. If you have a question concerning sales tax or wish to obtain a tax number, you may contact or write to: Compliance Unit, 25 Sigourney St., Hartford, CT 06106 - or phone (860) 297-5880 or FAX (860) 297-5932.


RV's, Trailers, Trucks, or Vans used as living quarters will pay a fee of $125.00. These units will be allowed in the designated camping area ONLY. Section 2, Campground Registration Form, of the Contract must be completed. Availability is on a first-come basis.


When filling out application, advise items to be sold or displayed. It is important to be specific when indicating items to be sold. Any changes to this list must be submitted in writing to the Rentals Committee for approval. We will make every effort to keep similar concessions separated. Any concessionaire that offers, for sale or display, any article that is illegal or is considered to be dangerous, vulgar or obscene or not in good taste for a family-oriented fair shall have their lease terminated and shall remove his concession from the fairgrounds immediately. If there is any question about any article falling into the above categories, the Rentals Committee should be consulted prior to displaying the article. (Examples: hunting knives, guns, brass knuckles, Chinese stars, spray cans, lasers or mylar/foil balloons).


  1. The Berlin Fair reserves the right to refuse space to any person if deemed to be in the best interest of the Fair.
  2. Timeshare, or like promotions, are not allowed.
  3. Concessions are liable to strict supervision by the Rentals Committee who reserves the right to enforce whatever rules appear necessary for the regulations of the concessions.
  4. Drawings must have Berlin Fair approval and winner names must be supplied to Rentals Committee after drawing.
  5. The Berlin Fair is not responsible for any damage to any property.
  6. No concessions containing water will be allowed inside commercial building.
  7. Food concessions are provided by local non- profit organizations only.
  8. Concessions will remain within their specified booth location.
  9. It is concessions responsibility to obtain required Temporary Food Permit if applicable.

The Berlin Fair Vendors and Commercial Concessions Committee

  • Philip Porter - Superintendent
  • Robert Boryczki - Superintendent
  • James Russo - Asst. Superintendent
  • Donna Glatz - Operations Manager

All midway activities are provided by Dreamland Amusements.

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